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16 February 2020
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1 March 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: Become a Frequent Shipper

Did you know that if you ship with EgapGO for three sailings in a row you are entitled to a Frequent Shipper Discount of 10% on your next shipment?

A number of our customers ship every month with us, buying nonperishable groceries, pet food, and household supplies in addition to other items they can’t find in HK or are overpriced in HK compared to the US.  Shipping with EgapGO every month means they don’t need to find room in their apartment to store things but can have what they need all year round.  Best yet, no need to wait to go home and fill your suitcase or bother your friends who are going home to bring back things for you.

Find out more about our pricing and other discounts on our website.

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