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5 January 2020
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19 January 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: Directly from US Websites at US Prices

When you use EgapGO to ship your US purchases to HK, you buy what you want and when you want.  You can shop any day of the year.

You can shop directly with US merchants and leverage their US pricing, promotions only available to US shipping addresses and their frequent-shipper programs.  Free shipping within the US is usually subject to a much lower threshold (see our recent blog article on domestic shipping costs).

Since you are buying yourself, not someone on your behalf, you get the points on your credit card (generally higher for international purchases).  No need to wait for someone to tell you the pricing (that they have marked up and/or used a disadvantageous fx rate).  You can make the final decision, on the color and size or change to a different product as you explore the merchants’ website and new options are shown to you.

Our customers ship a variety of products:  linens, pet food, non-perishable groceries, toys, games, books, candles, sporting goods, baby products, etc.  If you are unsure or have any questions on how much you can ship for our standard fee, you can check our FAQ or contact us directly.

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