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15 December 2019
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29 December 2019
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Advantages of EgapGO: Fewer Restrictions

When you use EgapGO’s consolidation and shipping services there are very few restrictions on what you can ship. Of course, you cant ship items illegal to export from the US or import to HK.

Since we ship via ocean freight, you don’t have to worry about bans on batteries, aerosols, liquids, essential oils, magnets/items with magnetic fields, cleaning products, etc. when shipping your US purchases to HK, you can buy what you want.

Think about all the things you are restricted from bringing on an airplane when you fly.

In addition, most companies that ship via air freight have restrictions on weight and dimensions*.  Not EgapGO!

So go ahead and buy that item you can’t if in your suitcase (or take on an airplane) and let us help you ship it to HK in an affordable way.

*”Oversized” packages are subject to a local delivery surcharge due to higher delivery costs in HK, see our FAQ more details.

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