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3 November 2019
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17 November 2019
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Advantages of EgapGO: Know Your Costs in Advance

Our standard Consolidation & Shipping Fee is HKD 300/100 linear inches.  So you know before you order, what your shipping costs to HK will be.  This HKD 300 includes delivery to your door, so no spending your time to go pick up your purchases at a storage locker and having to carry them home yourself.  We don’t weigh all your products after they arrive at our US warehouse then give you a surprise for the shipping charges to HK.

Since we use ocean freight, the weight of what you ship with us does not impact your shipping costs like airfreight (based on weight and/or volumetric weight).  Also, some airfreight companies limit the amount of weight per package.  So linens, pet food, non-perishable groceries, toys, games, books, candles, sporting goods, etc, buy away.  No need to hold back because you worry buying more will increase your shipping costs to HK.

As long as the shipping dimension or weight of one item is not greater than or equal to 30 inches or 30 pounds, respectively, and all your products* fit into an American sized shopping cart, you will definitely be well within our standard Consolidation & Shipping fee. If greater, not a problem, you can still ship with us, we will give you a quote.

If you are unsure or have any questions on how much you can ship for our standard fee, you can check our FAQ for more information or contact us directly.

*Products – we are talking about the products inside the Amazon Box, not the size of your Amazon box).  In fact, 100 linear inches is more than one shopping cart will hold.

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