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31 May 2020
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14 June 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: Ocean Freight Has A Lower Carbon Footprint Than Airfreight

All the organizations and reports agree that transporting cargo via airfreight instead of ocean freight has a significantly larger emission of CO2. The amount of the difference varies in the different reports, depending on the assumptions (which there can be many including the age of the vessel being used).  But from the below table from Time for Change, you can see an example even with the different assumptions, there is a massive difference in CO2 emissions to use air freight instead of ocean freight.

We are not trying to say or imply ocean freight has no impact on the environment.  It does, air, water, acoustic, and oil pollution.  Just pointing out we all have a choice on how we ship our purchases from the US to HK.

If we stop and think.  Do we really need the things we buy so urgently?  Can we spend a few minutes and plan ahead so we can order in advance so we can build in the additional time for ocean freight in our timeline?

The answer is most likely yes.

With our fixed monthly Sailing Schedule, EgapGO makes it easy to group your shipments together to get what you want while impacting the environment less by shipping to HK using ocean freight.

Something to think about next time you plan on shopping US online merchants.

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