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29 March 2020
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12 April 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: Open For Business

A few of our customers have reached out to check in to make sure we are still consolidating and shipping packages from the US to HK.

The answer is YES!

Fortunately, we are not dependant on using passenger airplanes to ship our cargo like other consolidators.

For those who are not aware, warehouses are exempt from the “lockdowns” that have been implemented in many US cities and states as a reaction to the rapid and wide-spreading COVIT-19 across America, as warehouses are classified as essential.

The US Ports are still operating, as they are also considered essential.  Although we have heard some shipping companies are adjusting their schedules (reductions in the number sailings) because of lower export volume due to many businesses/manufacturing shutting down temporarily in the USA (or manufacturing only for US consumption), there are still enough vessels coming to HK a regular basis. 

We don’t expect to have to stop our services of consolidating and shipping your online purchases from the US to HK, more affordably with ocean freight, unless something significant changes in the USA, like shutting down the port operations.  If anything changes, we will be sure to update our registered users.

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