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12 July 2020
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26 July 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: We Consolidate Your Packages Not Your Products

At EgapGO we frequently get the question of whether we consolidate packages or products.

We consolidate your packages with our other customer’s packages.  We don’t open your packages at our warehouse and repack the items into a new box for shipping.

There are several reasons.
First, no one knows what you are buying.  Neither our warehouse in the US or HK gets a list of products, just a list of packages that will be arriving, so your privacy is maintained.

Second, when packages are opened and repacked, items can go missing or get broken in this process.

Third, if items are not “repacked” carefully, they can get broken during international transport.  Our experience is merchants know how to pack their products so they don’t get broken during domestic transport. If things get broken in domestic transport, merchants would have to replace the products, not good for their bottom line, so we trust the merchants packing that is good enough for domestic transport is good enough for our international transport (e.g. your packages are secured to a pallet inside the container). 

Fourth, we would have to build in a buffer to our schedule for repacking, waiting for all your packages to arrive before we could start your repacking.  Now, the day following the package arrival cut-off date, we start palletizing our customer’s packages so we can get your packages out the door as quickly as possible and on their way to HK. 

Finally, ocean freight is not expensive (compared to air freight) so we don’t have to worry about saving space or weight.  Also, if we had to spend money on labor (not cheap in the USA) and materials to repack your packages, any minimal savings in freight costs would be lost due to these higher costs to repack your packages (and have to be passed on to you).

Accordingly, our customers get their products in the same box their merchant packed, sealed and shipped their order in and have a degree of comfort, no one opened or handled their purchases before they did and everything ordered is delivered in tack. 

Any questions on our processes, please feel free to reach out to us, we are here to help (

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