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13 September 2020
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27 September 2020
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Advantages of EgapGO: We Use Bulk Cargo Containers

It is important to consolidate your packages on the pallets to protect them from damage while in transit to HK.

As you can imagine, for each Sailing our US warehouse has many different sizes and shapes of packages to palletize, depending on what and how much our customers are ordering.  So, it is difficult to build a perfect cube (see before photos above), especially on the top and there can be unavoidable “pockets of space”.  Small packages need to be packed together in a larger carton before they could be put on the pallet, so they don’t get lost.  Finally, shrink wrap is used to secure the packages, which sometimes resulted in the slight crushing of boxes if it was wound too tightly.

We use Bulk Cargo Containers.

Our processes involve packing all your packages in giant cardboard boxes (see above photos).  Extra “filling” can be used if necessary, to fill in empty pockets between packages.  Also, the sides and tops of all customers’ packages are protected at all times during transit.

An extra layer of cardboard is laid down on top of the packages, then the form-fitting lid is placed on top to cover the giant box, making a perfect cube, every time.  Shrinkwrap is still applied to make sure the top is secure and to provide further stability to the cardboard box.

The pallets are then ready to be loaded in the container, headed to your door in HK.

Since we started this test to use bulk cargo containers, we have not had damage to our customer’s packages so we have decided to use them on all pallets for all Sailings going forward.

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