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How Does EgapGO's Services Work?

How Much Does It Cost to Consolidate & Ship?

HKD 300 per Sailing

(we currently sail once a month)

Our fees covers 100 linear inches of products (e.g. we dont care about size of the box your merchant ships your products in).

Imagine how many items you can put in a US sized shopping cart. That is how much you can ship to HK for HKD 300.

Price covers all costs from the time your package arrives at our US warehouse to delivery to your door in HK.

Note: surcharges will need to be applied in certain situations for example deliveries to Outlying Islands, Walk-ups, Larger Packages, Bulk Purchasing, No Available Parking, etc.).

Why use EgapGO to Consolidate & Ship

All Your Purchases from the US to HK?

Flat, Fixed Fee

know your shipping costs in advance and know they will be more affordable, for larger packages you can request a quote

Weight is Not a Factor

don’t worry about buying too much, weight is generally not a factor with ocean freight shipping

Monthly Shipments

shipping schedule is available 3+ months in advance for easy planning for shopping for birthdays and holidays

More Environmentally Friendly

shipping all your packages once a month via ocean freight, your carbon footprint is less than via air freight

Shop Mulitple Merchants

ship packages from as many merchants as you want for our standard fee

Delivery to Your Door

no need to retrieve your packages from a storage locker, enjoy delivery to your door in Hong Kong

Fewer Restrictions

there are fewer, if any restrictions, for shipping liquids, devices with batteries, aerosols, products with certain chemicals, etc.

Register Only Once on Our Site

no need to go back to our website to update order information or arrange deliveries, we’ll follow up and take care of everything

Frequent Shipper Program

ship routinely with us and become a frequent or VIP shipper, eligible for a discounted rate

Great Customer Service

we provide personalized, caring, attentive service, we know all our customers by name

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Who Else Wants Affordable Shipping to HK?

Below are packages shipped by our satisfied customers using EgapGOs Consolidation & Shipping services from the US to HK.

See how much you can ship for HKD 300!