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1 January 2019

Featured Product: Protein Whey

Featured Product: Protein Wey Plant-based Protein products can be hard to find in HK.  If you can find them they are more expensive (even more so […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Candles

Featured Product: Candles One of our customers uses our services to periodically ship scented candles to HK, which she loves to burn in her home.  Since […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Personal Care Items

Featured Product: Personal Care Items Many of our customers like to stock up on their personal grooming items from the States. Razors/razor cartridges and shaving cream/gel […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Pet Food

Featured Product: Pet Food Pet food is the perfect type of product to ship with EgapGO’s services.  It is too heavy to put in your suitcase […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Google Home Devices

Featured Product: Google Home Devices Last winter, during Black Friday one of our customers got these google home devices for 40% off the American retail price […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Quinoa

Featured Product: Quinoa Quinoa, for those who are already fans know why this South American super grain has become so popular.  It is a plant-based protein, […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Rowing Machine

Featured Product: Rowing Machine One of our customers recently shipped a rowing machine with us. The official Hong Kong distributor for this brand of rowing machine […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Fireproof Storage Bag

Featured Product: Fireproof Storage Bag It can be very difficult to find a conveniently located bank with available safe deposit boxes in HK. Why not consider […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Sketchers

Featured Product: Sketchers Several of our customers get their Sketchers shoes from the US, through Sketchers’ US online store.  The regular prices on their website are […]
1 January 2019

Featured Product: Nutrition Products

Featured Product: Nutrition Products One of our customers likes the plant-based nutrition products available at Vega. Their products are gluten-free, have no grains, artificial flavors or […]