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Featured Category: All-Around Department Stores

This post we are focusing on the traditional Department Stores in the US.

Arnold Constable was the first American department store (learn more), founded in 1825, and originally only sold dry goods.

Today, department stores offer a wide range of consumer goods in different categories (“departments’).  They sell just about everything clothing/footwear/accessories, appliances (small and large), toys & games, health and beauty products, housewares, and sporting goods.

Department Stores may not have the range of products of Amazon, but their prices are usually more competitive and their major holiday sales and frequent “one-day department sales”  make them a great place to find good deals.  Also, most of them have some kind of “point” programs rewarding you as a frequent shopper.

Depending on which region of the US you are from you will most likely be familiar with some of the below well known US Department Stores:

Bon Ton* – back in business after filing for bankruptcy in 2018 and being bought out by a new owner

Belk – family-owned, offers national and private label fashion brands

Lord & Taylor – known for their service, quality, and style

JC Penney’s* – a complete range of soft and hard goods

Dillards – “style of your life”

Stein Mart* – a bit more boutique-style, than most department store

Sears – in the 80s, the largest retailer in the US, struggling with store closures recently

Van Maur* – wide selection of brand-name merchandise

*Needs a VPN to access their US sites to purchase products.

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