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Featured Category: Footwear for the Rain

It has not been too rainy yet here in HK, but if you are looking for rain shoes to keep your feet dry, you can consider one of these options:

Sloggers – come in many colors and patterns (28).  They have an “all-day comfort insole”.  Best of all, shoes are made from 100% recyclable, medical grade material so they have a soft feel and produce no odor. They will last for years.  Sloggers also comes in a mid-calf version if you prefer

Totes – comes in 5 solid colors.  They are very lightweight, ankle height, slip-resistant,  The boot material is scratch and abrasion-proof, as well as anti-microbial. The absence of inner lining also allows superior breathability.  Totes come in a tall boot version as well, men’s and children’s sizes.

Crocs – comes in 4 colors.  Everyone is familiar with this brand so no introduction is needed.  Of course, they have their original clog style shoe in every color of the rainbow which works great in the rain also.  If you want more styles to choose from, consider shopping from the US website instead of the HK stores (and for a better price).

Dksuko – comes in 5 “rich” colors.  They have an anti-slip rubber sole-designed in a tire pattern. The shoe is a high-quality natural rubber that won’t crack when it stretches.  It has a classic round-toe which fits your feet better.  Finally, they have real shoelaces!  Dksuos comes in a high top style also.

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