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Featured Category: Non-Perishable Groceries

You may have noticed on the Testimonial page of our website, customers have shared what they have bought, non-perishable groceries, personal care items, and household supplies are a very popular category of items to shop for in the US and ship to HK because of the selection of products and price.

Probably the most well-known stores for shopping for these types of items are Costco, Target, and Walmart.

The good thing about all three is they sell other items like pet supplies, toys, and baby items.  The latter two selling an extensive range of discounted baby and children clothes (Cat & Jack and Carters/Gerber, respectively) as well, so you can shop on one site and get everything you need.

Costco – great if you like to buy in bulk, their prices are generally better than Target and Walmart since you buy in large quantities at one time.  The downside is it is a membership club, so you need to pay a fee to shop there and shipping is always free. There are ways around this (like having a member by a gift card for you to use).  The main difference between Costco and Target/Walmart (besides the product sizes) is the selection of products.  The brands and product lines are not as extensive at Costco, but the lower price makes up for this from many of its customer’s point of view. 

Target/Walmart – both have great everyday low prices for “normal size” packaging. They have a minimum of USD 35 to ship for free domestically in the US, but this is a very easy threshold to reach as you search the website and fill your cart with all the products and brands you miss from the US.

We should include Amazon in this list as their 3rd party sellers sell grocery items, but as we reported in a previous newsletter, now on our blog, you need to be very careful of the pricing.  Amazon Pantry does usually have better pricing than Amazon 3rd Party Sellers as Amazon is acting as a wholesaler on this section of their website, so more like Target/Walmart, but the product range is much more limited.

If you were not able to make it home for your annual supply run this Summer, consider using EgapGO to help you ship the brands and products you miss from the US to the HK, to your door from your favorite online merchant.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone who likes to shop US online merchants for non-perishable grocery items we cannot consolidate and ship products for you from any merchant that does not ship their merchandise in sealed shipping cases.

That means if you are shopping for non-perishable groceries from “personal shopping services” such as:

  • Instacart
  • Whole Foods (via Amazon website)
  • ShipIt (via Target website*)
  • Walmart

You can usually tell you are using a shopping service when you need to reserve a day/time for your items to be delivered.  This is a red flag, your purchases will be delivered in grocery bags by a personal shopper, instead of by a courier in a shipping box. Or if the website says “same-day delivery”, this generally means a shopping service.

If your products arrive at our US warehouse in grocery bags, they will be donated to charity and no refund will be provided.  You can review our FAQ on our website for more information.

*For Target it is not a separate website.  You decide the delivery method from your shopping cart right before checking out so make sure you select “delivery” instead of  “ShipIt” for all of your products in your shopping cart.  We understand it is tempting to select ShipIt when “delivery” is not available for an item you want to buy, but you will have purchase a different item instead.

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