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Featured Category: Skincare (Women’s)

What is your skincare regime?  Can you find the products you want in HK?  What about quality products that are not overpriced?  How about products made in a sustainable way, that aren’t tested on animals, or certified organic?

Below are some well-known and trusted merchants for quality skincare products:

Biossance – famous for its use of squalane (like squalene produced in your body) 100% plant-based made.  They create skincare that is incredibly efficient and safe without harming the environment or animals.

Dermstore – high-quality, professional strength formulated products straight from the experts (usually only available at a dermatologist’s office).  They also sell hair and makeup products.

Plant Apothecary – certified organic and eco-friendly skincare products. They follow the principles of classical aromatherapy and herbalism to offer plant-based products for the whole family. They also sell grooming and bath products.

Skin Store – latest in innovative clinical skincare and luxury spa products. A great selection with over 8,000 products across more than 300 brands.

Of course, there is also the “big box” skincare retailers who sell a variety of quality skincare products, generally at more affordable prices.

Bath & Body Works – includes hand soaps, fragrances, and candles as well as skincare

Body Shop – affordable body care with no animal testing

Kiels – nature-inspired products

Lush – fresh handmade vegetarian cosmetics, made through ethical buying, known of their “naked” packaging

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