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Featured Category: Luxury Outdoor Brands

If you are serious about your outdoor adventures/activities, you only want the best quality to help you perform at your best. These brands all manufacture and sell products you know you can count on when the trail gets tough.

  • Arc’teryx – use the best materials and create the most refined and durable products possible.  The most sustainable purchase is no purchase, so their products are built to last, season after season.
  • Columbia – they create enduring, iconic, and innovative products that enable people to enjoy the outdoors longer.
  • The North Face* – push the boundaries of innovation and design so you can push the boundaries of exploration.  A comprehensive collection of high-performance outerwear, footwear, skiwear, and equipment.
  • Patagonia – prices tend to be a bit more because they put the environment first.  They self-impose an Earth Tax of 1% of their sales (since 1985) which they donate to causes for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.   Have a separate division called Worn Wear to resell their gently-used/refurbished products.

Some other sites to consider:

  • Burton – innovating and changing the way people enjoy outdoors.
  • Canada Goose – one of the world’s leading makers of luxury apparel, known for its iconic outerwear.
  • Helly Hanson – 140 years of innovation, products are worn and trusted by professionals on oceans, mountains, and worksites.
  • Billabong – lifestyle and technical apparel brand.
  • Timberland* – originally known for their boots, but now have a range of footwear, jackets, tops, glasses, and bags.  Making innovative products to get people outdoors, made with environmentally-conscious materials.

 *Requires a VPN to access the USA website

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