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1 January 2019
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1 January 2019
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Featured Product: Candles

One of our customers uses our services to periodically ship scented candles to HK, which she loves to burn in her home.

 Since moving to HK, she has tried some very nice ones she has bought here, but they were a lot more expensive.  On top of that, they burned out very quickly which was disappointing, so the higher prices were hard to justify.

 In addition, with the more reasonable prices in the US, she can experiment and try new scents (check out the variety of scents she bought recently!) while keeping a good stock of her most favorite ones.

 So she went back to her “old habits” buying candles from her favorite merchant in the US, Bath & Body Works.  She put candles on her regular rotation to buy and stocks up every 2nd or 3rd month when BBW put their 3-wick candles on sale.

 With our affordable ocean freight services, her shipping costs are not impacted by the weight of the candles (~15 oz each).

 Now she can have her favorite scented candles burning all year long!

 Thanks to our satisfied customer for sharing!  If you would like to share what you have bought with our other customers, please feel free to submit a photo to us for future issues of our News!

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