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31 December 2018
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1 January 2019
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Featured Product: Nutrition Products

One of our customers likes the plant-based nutrition products available at Vega.

Their products are gluten-free, have no grains, artificial flavors or preservatives and are suitable for those on a vegan diet.  They have powders, bars, snacks or shakes, and even supplements, whatever form you are looking for to get your nutritional needs from.  Their products are not just for athletes looking to recover, but anyone who is looking for plant-based foods (plant protein, greens, chia seeds, etc).

Vega’s slogan is “maximum outcome, minimal impact” as part of their sustainable sourcing program.  They are committed to bringing “sustainable plant-based nutrition to the world”.

Vega does not ship internationally and since some of the products can get heavy, our customer finds shipping with EgapGO via ocean freight a much more affordable option to get what they want.

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