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1 January 2019
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1 January 2019
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Featured Product: Personal Care Items

Many of our customers like to stock up on their personal grooming items from the States.

Razors/razor cartridges and shaving cream/gel are very popular among men while shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, and feminine products are popular among women.

Other products our customers buy are sunscreen, toothpaste/brushes, facial products (cleansers, toners, creams), hair products (coloring and styling) and soap products.

Where to shop?  One of the most popular sites among our customers for personal grooming items is Target. It has a great selection of products (including household and non-perishable groceries), everyday low prices, no minimum order quantities and “regular” sized packaging (compared to the wholesalers like Costco).

What personal care products do you miss from the US or hate overpaying for in HK?  Why not stock up this month? Thanks to our satisfied customer for sharing!  If you would like to share what you have bought with our other customers, please feel free to submit a photo to us for future issues of our News

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