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1 January 2019
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Featured Product: Sketchers

Several of our customers get their Sketchers shoes from the US, through Sketchers’ US online store.

 The regular prices on their website are 10-25% cheaper than HK.  Not enough savings to wait ~5 weeks for?  Frequently, Sketchers’ US website has 20% off everything.  Occasionally, they have 30% off and during last year’s Black Friday sale, their shoes were 40% off, sitewide.

 Still, not enough?  Sketchers offer free shipping on any purchase if you sign up for their “rewards program”.  You have to give them your email address to order, so it is not that big of a deal to officially sign up for their rewards program.  Yes, they can then track what products you look at on their site, but you never get something for nothing.   Plus if you sign up, you will get an email when they are having one of their great sales mentioned above.

 Another great thing about the US website is selection.  Ever been in a Sketchers store in HK?  How many styles do they have?  Maybe 200 max.  There is just not enough space to carry all the styles.  The Sketchers’ online store must have 10x that many (and that is just for the women’s’ shoes)!

 Finally, one of the main reasons our customers buy their shoes (and not just Sketchers) from the US is 1/2 sizes and bigger sizes. Both not readily available in HK.  If you want to experience the true comfort of memory foam in Sketchers, you need to have the right size of shoes.

 Since Sketchers are very reliable in their sizing across styles, you don’t have to worry about buying footwear online.

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