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1 January 2019
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Featured Product: Protein Wey

Plant-based Protein products can be hard to find in HK.  If you can find them they are more expensive (even more so when there is no bulk size available) and they may not be the brand/flavor you want. 

Lite Protein has no sugar added so it is a great way to get the protein and fiber you want and need without the calories or carbs.  This product is GMO-free and has no artificial growth hormones or artificial antibiotics.  In addition to tasting great (many vegetable-based/non-soy shakes taste awful), this brand’s ingredients suits our customer who is sensitive to artificial soy-based shakes.

Our customer’s previous supplier stopped selling her brand and now she is happy she found an affordable way to ship enough Lite Protein for her whole family with us.  Cookies & Cream is just one of the great flavors they have.  Even her doggie gets excited when her stock arrives and helps with the inspection!

You can also find these and other plant-based protein products you want on Amazon.  With our regular monthly shipments, you can plan ahead and always make sure you have stock in HK.  EgapGO’s affordable shipping means you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want to maintain a healthy diet!

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