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18 August 2019
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1 September 2019
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Tips for Online Shopping: Leave Something in Your Cart

A great tip for online shopping is, leave something in your cart.

Shop on your favorite online merchant’s website and select a few items to put in your checkout cart.

Then leave the website for a day.

Most retailers use pixels to track your behavior on their site and will notice you left something in your cart without purchasing it. 

There is a very good chance in the next day or two you will get an email from this merchant to offer you free shipping (even if the minimum threshold was not met)  or x% discount on your next purchase to complete the sale.

Give it a try and see if it does not work.  Of course, you cant do this every time you shop a merchant, but every few months, it should work.

One note for this to work, you need to go to the merchants’ website via a link from one of their emails or sign in to your account with that merchant, or they won’t have a way to reach out to you via email to offer you an incentive to buy.

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