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The pages below have some useful reference information to help you buy and ship from the US to HK.

Shipping from the US to HK

Shipping from the USA to Hong Kong without exorbitant costs has never been easier. With EgapGO, you can easily buy products available in the US market and ship them to Hong Kong through ocean freight. The advantage of this being that you’re able to gain access to these products, paying American prices without prohibitive shipping costs from the USA to HK.

It’s also often the case that sellers will not send their products to Hong Kong at all. By offering another alternative shipping method from the US to Hong Kong we can all get what we want. Gone are the days of asking our friends and family to stuff products in their suitcases so we can avoid the international shipping costs from the USA to HK.

How often do we ship?

While shipping from the US using ocean freight might be a bit slower than using air freight we’re all used to nowadays, it has the benefit of letting us buy and ship the products we want at the prices we want from the US.

We have a Sailing each month from the US to HK. The package arrival cut-off date for each month and the expected delivery day to your door is posted on our website. With a little bit of planning, you can get your products internationally shipped from the US to your door within 6 - 7 weeks (from our package arrival cut off date).

What kind of items can you buy and ship to Hong Kong?

One of the great things about our shipping service is that it allows you to buy and ship anything you like to HK. But, of course, if you would like some inspiration we have compiled a list of US online merchants for you to browse. We can arrange shipping from the USA to HK for everything, for example, non-perishable groceries (organic and gluten-free), books, linens, pet supplies, games & toys, sporting & outdoor equipment, hobby & craft supplies, personal care & household items, baby products, apparel and footwear, anything that is overpriced or not available here.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to buy and ship your favorite products to Hong Kong before you miss our next Sailing date!