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20 October 2019
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3 November 2019
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Tips for Online Shopping: Register on Your Favorite Merchant’s Website

If you register on a merchant’s website either before or after you check out (instead of checking out as a guest) there are several advantages.

Most merchants offer perks for customers who are registered (earn reward points (which can save you money on future purchases), free shipping (no matter the value of products purchased), etc).

By registering you can “save” items to buy later or put them on a “wish list”, in case you get interrupted while ordering.  Also, saving products for later can give you more time to think about whether you want to buy it or do some research on price or similar products.

You may find this annoying, but merchants can recommend other products through their algorithms based on which products you have viewed previously and/or bought in the past.  Sometimes this is actually helpful to find a product you might really like but not have otherwise found on their site.

You can save our US warehouse address so you don’t have to type it in every time.  You can also save your billing details, but we recommend you use PayPal instead of saving your credit card details on multiple merchants’ websites.  Saving our warehouse address will expedite your check out process the next time you order.

The biggest advantage of registering, you will get better promotional offers and advance notification of sales.  We have tested this and seen first-hand cases where the email address we order with, we get a larger discount e.g. 30% off instead of 20% off, that is a different promo code was sent to our different email address for the exact same sale.  It seems merchants like to reward customers who register.

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