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23 February 2020
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8 March 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: Amazon Delivery Day

Amazon has a new option for its package deliveries.  It is called “Amazon Day” and it is referring to your delivery day.  If you select this option when you check out, Amazon will consolidate your orders from the week and ship them all so they arrive on the same day.

This saves on packing (whenever possible), so less wasteful and is better for the environment as there is only one delivery to our warehouse address instead of several.

Since you are not in a rush for your packages to be delivered, everyone has ~30 days for your packages to arrive at our warehouse, this service would be something we could all utilize to try to help the environment a little bit.

When you check out next time, look for the box “Your Amazon Day” in the shipping options.  You can change the day anytime and opt-out for any single purchase if you need to.

Note this option is only available to Prime Members.

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