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1 November 2020
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15 November 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: Ask For A Discount

Did you know you can ask for a discount when you are shopping online?  You can’t haggle like you would do in a Market here, but discounts are out there if you ask.  Note this only works when you are shopping on a Brands’ website and usually for newer our specialty products.

You can reach out to the Brand via email or online chat to ask questions about the products (specs, performance, materials), warranty, or shipping times, anything to start a conversation with the Brand.

Before you close the conversation, ask if there are any discounts or promotions available now.

Personally, we have been offered free shipping or a 10-20% discount.  This sometimes results in a lower price than if you bought the product from Amazon or a Department Store. 

Give it a try next time.  It only takes a few extra minutes of your time!

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