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26 April 2020
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10 May 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: Buying “Replacement” Products and Consumables

Amazon is a great place to buy “replacement” products and consumables.

The above are two examples.

Bestpresso (available on Amazon) makes Nespresso compatible coffee pods.  They come in a variety of flavors/packaging.  Our client likes this variety pack which costs USD 44.99/120 pods. That is less than USD 0.40/pod.  How much are you paying for Nespresso (or whichever brand of espresso machine you use) pods?  Check Amazon for the brand you drink. 

Toner/Ink cartridges can be hard and/or time-consuming to track down in HK.  We know personally, and our customers tell us the same thing.  Most computer stores in HK don’t keep cartridges in stock, on-site at their stores (not enough space – have you ever been to the Wan Chai Computer Center, you will know why) so you need to go back a few days later and pick up the cartridges you ordered a few days before.  If your printer is getting older, it gets even harder to find the one need.  Amazon Marketplace Sellers stock pretty much any brand and model of toner/ink cartridges you need.  You can get either the brand name or a “replacement” version (above photo), whichever you prefer.

Other replacement products/consumables you can look for are electric toothbrush heads, razor blade cartridges, batteries, slider (zip lock) bags, vacuum cleaner bags and air purifier/dehumidifier filters.  If there are not replacement brands for your brand/model, the name brand versions are usually less expensive than you can get in HK. Best of all no running around trying to find what you need.  Order from the comfort of your home!

Of course, you need to double-check the reviews of the merchant selling the product to make sure they are quality products.  Look for reviews done by “verified buyers.”  You can read more about this in our article “Fake Reviews on Amazon” in a previous newsletter in case you missed it.

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