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15 March 2020
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29 March 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: Domestic Shipping Delays

We have read, heard from our customers, and personally already experienced shipping delays at the end of the March Sailing Cycle (cut-off was 17 Mar).

Clients ordering over the last weekend and even some ordering the few days before the weekend found themselves in situations where their orders were expected to arrive on time were “split shipped” at the last minute and some items did not arrive in time.

This is due to the significant increase in online purchases and the inability of online merchants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to process orders quickly enough (even if they had stock).  This is compounded by the courier companies (Amazon Logistics, FedEx, Ontrac, UPS and USPS) having trouble coping with delivering the increased number of packages due to higher demand for online shopping, with many Americans preferring to avoid going to brick and mortar stores these days.

Irrespective of what you order this month, don’t wait till the last minute to order as merchants are not able to guarantee their two-day deliveries.  We also noticed with our orders recently, merchants are giving much longer lead times and broader ranges for their expected delivery.  Pay close attention to the furthest out ETA day before you click to the check-out button.

For customer ordering from Amazon, the press has speculated that some third-party sellers may run out of stock at Amazon’s warehouse and they will have to arrange to ship their products themselves (that could mean no more free 2-day shipping).  For those sellers who are willing to offer free shipping, expect much longer delivery times (and possible higher selling prices to compensate).  So check carefully before putting items in the cart, the costs and time for domestic shipping by third-party sellers on Amazon. Our recommendation is to order a bit early then you normally would to avoid your packages missing the package arrival cut-off date for April

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