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4 October 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: How to Prepare for Prime Day Shopping

Make a List – most important is to make a list of things you have been thinking about purchasing or wanting to buy during the Prime Day Sales, so you don’t forget something. It will also avoid wasting time searching for which brand/model/options you want if you need to make a quick purchase. Most merchants have a “wishlist” feature on their websites so you can “save” items. Finally, if you are on a budget, it will prevent impulse purchases.

With many consumers shopping the last few months focused on COVIT essential items, beware of merchants offloading items they have too much inventory of at big discounts. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it because it is on sale.

Two, not to-dos while making your list:

  • Bookmarking URLs – these can change especially when an item goes on sale.
  • Leave something in your cart – it may not be updated with the latest price and won’t hold the item for you (e.g. it may be out of stock by the time you come back).

Shop Early – Amazon and other sites are already reducing prices and/or sending out sneak previews of what will be on sale and at what price.

Check Out Other Merchants – Best Buy, Khols, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart will also be having big sales at the same time, as well as your other favorite branded merchants, so don’t think Prime Day is only for shopping on Amazon.

Merchants’ Distribution List/Newsletter – usually give you the earliest and best available deals, if not done so already, sign up now with your favorite merchants (we suggest to create a “burner” email for all these emails so you can just check when you want to.

Browser Extensions/Price Comparison Sites – Amazon doesn’t always have the best price. Prepare yourself with the knowledge of historical pricing of the item you want so you know for sure if something is really a good deal and you don’t get swept up in the moment and assume something is on sale and/or make sure the price you see is the best price available now.

For a list of sites, see our previous post on using Price Comparisons Websites. Take some time now, before the sales start to find which platform works best for you.

Wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? – keep in mind these two big shopping days are coming at the end of next month so don’t settle if the item you want is not on sale (or not discounted enough) for Prime Day.

Cash Back Sites – earn cashback for your purchases by going to your favorite merchant’s site via one of these platforms (after registering):

  • Rakuten
  • BeFrugal
  • Ibotta
  • TopCashback

Merchant Loyalty Programs – like airline frequent flyer programs, these will allow you discounts on future purchases through points earned on your Prime Day purchases.

Follow Merchants on Social Media – both Twitter and FB are a good source for the promotional activity of your favorite merchants.

Watch out for Fake Reviews – see our previous post on Product Reviews

Watch out for Fake Sites – we have read a few articles that a number of look-alike sites for Amazon and Prime (wrong spelling or different domain names (e.g. .co instead of .com) have been set up to try to get your personal information while you shop from a fake site.  Always make sure you see a secure sockets layer (SSL) icon, locked padlock to the left of the URL before shopping from a link.

Prime Membership – finally, if you plan on shopping on Amazon and are not an Amazon Prime Member, you need to sign up to get Amazon’s deals. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial, just remember to cancel it after Prime day is over or your credit card will automatically be charged for the membership fee (USD119 annual/13 per month). To avoid any issues while shopping, it is probably best to sign up a few days before. That way you can also leverage an early discount available.

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