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2 February 2020
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16 February 2020
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Tips for Online Shopping: Shop for Your COVID-19 Products

Consider sourcing masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap & wipes from the US.


From what we could see online, there were few (see the list below), if any types of masks available today because Americans are stocking up for their own needs.

However, we have read in a number of articles that the stores are working to get more stock as quickly as possible.

Accordingly, we suggest you check back in a week or so so you can stock up for the upcoming months on masks, as no one is sure how long this will last (for those who were not here in 2003, SARS lasted ~6 months).

Shopping online from the US will mean no need to run around to try to find which shops in HK have stock, no queueing up for hours, nor worrying about price gouging.  Plus, it is always a good idea to have on hand and use regularly sanitizer and antibacterial products, even if there is not a virus outbreak going on.

Amazon – has a stock of masks from some sellers

Home Depot – has stock of 3M N95 masks but won’t ship, in-store pick up only (e.g. need to have a friend or family member buy for you then ship to our warehouse for you^)

Office Depot 

Sears – has stock of 3M N95 masks

Tiger Medical


Walmart – some surgical and reusable mask are available

In the meantime, there is plenty of stock of antibacterial products available at merchants like Target and Walmart.

If you need some stock of surgical masks urgently, you can also try eBay, we saw they have some sellers shipping to HK, but check the pricing closely.

As always, we suggest you shop around online and check carefully the price, product description, and quantity before you buy.  Products look similar in their online pictures.  Some sellers are not always so transparent when there is a huge demand and low supply of products.

We are not endorsing or providing any guarantee for any of these merchants or their products.

^Please contact us first before doing this so we can explain the process.

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